Lynette Gram divides her time between Burtchville, MI, where her studio is, and Bonita Springs, FL. Photographing Florida's beautiful nature and interesting vintage collectables.

Since her gradeschool fieldtrips with the family ‘Brownie’ camera, Lynette has loved photography. She progressed to digital photography in 2015, and began a self taught learning journey.  Starting with In studio portrait photography and environmental  portraits.

She then began exploring Still Life Photography with antiques as her subject. Lynette was drawn to their signs of age and wear which enhanced their uniqueness. Her goal being to draw you into their history and purpose. She enjoys using a ‘Light Painting’ or ‘Light Sculpting’ technique to bring out all the rich texture and details of each. This is done in a dark studio using a long exposure setting and a modified flashlight or wand to light precise areas.

At the same time she loves flowers and nature, and embarked on a Photomontage journey.This style allows Lynette to use her photos in creative ways, blending several photos into one scene creating a new piece of art.

Another creative outlet is abstract art. She truly enjoys the process of creating abstract art from her photo collections.